Zoom’s OTHER chat app

Zoom’s in-meeting chat feature is an excellent channel for Q&A, comprehension checks, formative quizzes, and brief discussions (learn about some great pedagogical uses of Zoom’s in-meeting chat here). But Zoom has another chat option that is more powerful and persistent. Here are a few things you should know. We’re talking in this post about Zoom’s … Read more

Using Sli.do to Generate Class Questions

While teaching remotely, it can be helpful to suggest students ask questions in the Zoom Chat as they come up. Then the instructor can pause and answer them periodically. Alternatively, by enabling group chat between students, they can often answer the questions of their peers. The Zoom Chat is not always the best option, though. … Read more

Instructional Practices: Communications

Maintaining open and clear channels of communication is an essential element of successful course delivery. It arguably becomes even more important in online and hybrid instruction. Without the customary follow-up questions, clarifications, and reminders that are occur regularly as part of an in-person class dialogue, there is greater potential for uncertainty or confusion among students. … Read more

Encouraging collaboration and community by using ThreadBoxes in VoiceThread

November 23, 2020 by Keith Samuels Would the ability to share VoiceThreads in a browsable collection with a select group of people or on the web be valuable to you?  A ThreadBox is an embeddable or linkable space that allows you to gather VoiceThreads into an easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing browsable collection. A … Read more

Tips for asynchronous activities (even in a synchronous course!)

Asynchronous activities can provide a great change of pace in a synchronous course, especially as the semester is drawing to a close and students and instructors alike are facing burnout. Well-planned asynchronous activities can replace a synchronous class session, allowing students to complete the work on their own time. This can allow for refreshing flexibility … Read more

Powerpoint Slides in Zoom: I want to see my notes!

POWERPOINT PRESENTER VIEW In the classroom, Powerpoint Presenter View is a useful feature which allows you to project your slides on the big screen, while viewing your speaker notes and slide sequence on the computer monitor. DO YOU NEED IT? SOMETIMES, YES. I personally have not used Presenter View for Powerpoint lectures which I have … Read more

Setting up Gradescope

Gradescope is a powerful tool for administering and grading assignments, tests, and quizzes, and it has recently been integrated with UVA Collab. This tool allows instructors and TAs to coordinate seamlessly on grading large numbers of exams or homework very quickly. It also has the capability for instructors to annotate directly on a pdf the … Read more

Troubleshooting Pre-assigned Breakout Rooms in Zoom

Zoom has the capability to put students into breakout rooms pre-assigned by the instructor. (For detailed instructions on how to set up pre-assigned breakout rooms, check out this document.) This capability, while helpful in many classroom situations, frequently does not work flawlessly, and instructors frequently find that only a portion of their students are assigned … Read more