Reflections on modes of teaching during a pandemic

by Justin Greenlee, PhD A&S Learning Design & Technology A few phrases have made emphatic entrances into our lexicon over the past year. “Shelter in place” sticks with me. Also profundities like “You’re on mute” and its companion “Can you hear me now?” (The last has echoes of Verizon or Sprint. Who’s to say which.) … Read more

Getting Ready for Spring Courses

by Hope Fitzgerald and Justin Greenlee A&S Learning Design & Technology — Hello, all. You are surely in the thick of preparations for spring courses: corresponding with students, the Student Disability Access Center, maybe the UVA Bookstores, coordinating with TAs, creating your course sites, troubleshooting technology, readying lectures and activities, and thinking about how best … Read more

Tips for Teaching Online Courses

by Justin Greenlee, PhD and Nenette Arroyo, PhD Digital Pedagogy Interns, UVA Learning Design & Technology … Hello, all! Read on if you are developing instructional techniques for the spring or leading a class during UVA’s J-term. We invite you to use the comments section at the bottom of the page to start a conversation with … Read more

Facilitating problem based discussions online

Gail Hunger, Instructional DesignerA&S Learning Design and Technology Facilitating problem based discussions online George Polya (How to Solve It) states, “The instructor should put themselves in the student’s place, they should see the student’s case, they should try to understand what is going on in the student’s mind, and ask a question to indicate a … Read more

Instructional Practices: Communications

Maintaining open and clear channels of communication is an essential element of successful course delivery. It arguably becomes even more important in online and hybrid instruction. Without the customary follow-up questions, clarifications, and reminders that are occur regularly as part of an in-person class dialogue, there is greater potential for uncertainty or confusion among students. … Read more

Tips for asynchronous activities (even in a synchronous course!)

Asynchronous activities can provide a great change of pace in a synchronous course, especially as the semester is drawing to a close and students and instructors alike are facing burnout. Well-planned asynchronous activities can replace a synchronous class session, allowing students to complete the work on their own time. This can allow for refreshing flexibility … Read more