Collaborative reading and annotation

Whether one is reading for pleasure or education, the act of physically highlighting a book or article can be a valuable part of the reading and learning experience: These marginalia can help the reader to process the information, reflect on it, and provide a glossed version of the text for streamlined later reference. As the … Read more

Tips for asynchronous activities (even in a synchronous course!)

Asynchronous activities can provide a great change of pace in a synchronous course, especially as the semester is drawing to a close and students and instructors alike are facing burnout. Well-planned asynchronous activities can replace a synchronous class session, allowing students to complete the work on their own time. This can allow for refreshing flexibility … Read more

Setting up Gradescope

Gradescope is a powerful tool for administering and grading assignments, tests, and quizzes, and it has recently been integrated with UVA Collab. This tool allows instructors and TAs to coordinate seamlessly on grading large numbers of exams or homework very quickly. It also has the capability for instructors to annotate directly on a pdf the … Read more

Troubleshooting Pre-assigned Breakout Rooms in Zoom

Zoom has the capability to put students into breakout rooms pre-assigned by the instructor. (For detailed instructions on how to set up pre-assigned breakout rooms, check out this document.) This capability, while helpful in many classroom situations, frequently does not work flawlessly, and instructors frequently find that only a portion of their students are assigned … Read more