Promoting Access and Expanding Learning through Live Transcription

UVA has no shortage of tools for captioning and transcribing learning materials, and even more are on the way. Below are a few options for enabling automatic, live transcription during class meetings, using tools currently available to A&S instructors. – Accessibility Note – If a faculty member receives an official request for captioning or transcription, … Read more

Tips for using Zoom breakout rooms

Breakout rooms support student-to-student engagement activities including small group discussions, group project work, and problem solving sessions. Keep these tips in mind as you design and set up your breakout sessions. Keep your Zoom app up to date, and remind students to do the same. Learn to update your Zoom.  Use the Zoom app (not … Read more

Zoom’s OTHER chat app

Zoom’s in-meeting chat feature is an excellent channel for Q&A, comprehension checks, formative quizzes, and brief discussions (learn about some great pedagogical uses of Zoom’s in-meeting chat here). But Zoom has another chat option that is more powerful and persistent. Here are a few things you should know. We’re talking in this post about Zoom’s … Read more